I’m Steven. Or Steve. Or anything really; I’m not picky.

I have an uncanny knack for failing forward. Much like the software I develop, my life is full of both bugs and features that keep me hungry for improvement and happy with progress. My best ideas come when I tear down what I think I know, and take a moment to consider other angles. My first Swift project Honeychain, for example, was created through a series of deliberate pivots that eventually landed on a product far superior to its original design. I’ve since learned to channel this iterative spirit into everything I do.

My specialties include C++, Swift, Javascript, React/Redux C#, Bash, SQL, project management & source control (Scrum, Kanban, Git), and QA/Automation. I have 5+ years of experience writing stable, maintainable, and scalable enterprise-grade code, and participate heavily in issue tracking and resolution. Building new products excites me, but I find just as much satisfaction in maintaining what's already been created. I value teamwork & collaboration above most else, and know very well that with enough brains and enough coffee, anything is possible.

My Background

Bachelor of Science: Computer Science & Engineering

University of Nevada, Reno


Software Engineer Intern

Bally Technologies


Co-Founder & Swift Developer

Tropopause, LLC


Software Engineer II

Scientific Games


My Skills



















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I would love to chat with you! If you have any questions about my work, connect with me on social media or shoot me an email.